Fanfic Made By Uxie126

We all know there is insane the first 5,Leafy,Needle,Pin,GB and Book....6 more were added though,but we can explain this later,lets...just say where it all started at the eiffel tower...AGAIN,"im board..."needle moaned"lets annoy book! 8D" leafy whispered to pin,GB and needle(NEEDY >:D)"book was wondering what they were doing until they all shouted"WELL READ!"they began to laugh,book knew she couldnt do anything about it,she must stick with her role,but she doesnt have time,book suddenly shouted "I WILL FREEZE YOU ALL!!!"so she still had the freezing potion and used it on all of them,hearing from below,flower shouted"YOU IDIOTS GET DOWN FROM THERE!!!WE DONT HAVE TIME!!!!""shut up"needle shouted,she jumped off and threw a giant rock at flower,"Just leave us alone okay?IT WAS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS"


Note:if i have to remove this page,i will :/

i'll explain the insanity later

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