Intro Plays

Bottle Cap: I cant beleve i got kicked out of  BOWTI JUST RIGHT AFTER DEBUTING! WHAT THE HECK?

Ice Cube: what are you doing?

Bottle Cap: i demand some screen time. i havent done anything since the show started. give me a chance!

Ice Cube: fine.

Bottle Cap: ok. hi guys. its your co-host, Bottle Cap! last time, david was eliminated because he got the most votes. spin the wheel!

Flower Spins The Wheel and it lands on Get To The Moon

Bottle Cap: ok. you need to get to the moon. the team that doesnt make it will be up for elimination. ready, set, go!

The Alliance And The Squashy Grapes make it to the moon

Bottle Cap: Aw Seriously? will lose another member. The Alliance gets to vote.

Chilli Pepper: FLOWER!

Juice Box: FLOWER!

Match: FLOWER!

Pencil: FLOWER!

Bottle Cap: im sorry flower but with 4 votes, you are eliminated!

Flower: WHAT! I WILL CRUSH Y- *gets teleported to the toilet of dispair*

Bottle Cap: see you next time!

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