Human: Yes! Finally! It's the Last Potato On The World! i need to hide It!

In the "Fridge"...

Melony: huh? What is this?

Eggy: It's Shaped like.. Me! It's An Egg!!!

OJ: No, It Isn't Eggy! It's... uhh... Potato?

Melony: POTATO? I never seen Potato Since Last Year!

OJ: Because... Potatoes we're Destroyed!!! By Evil Humans!!!

Melony: i get it now... But how he's get it here? We're on A big Boat!

OJ: I don't Know!

Human: *Opens Fridge* We're Going to crash! *Grabs Potato* Ahh! *Jumps out of the Boat*

Eggy: Watch out!

Melony: Jump Out!

Everyone: *scream*\

 One Hour Later...

OJ: *Wakes Up*  Uhh... Where I'am? Eggy? Melony??

Eggy: Come Here!

OJ: *Walks to Eggy* Holy Box! Human is...Dead?

Melony: *Cough* HELP! *Cough* I'M STUCK!

OJ: I'll go Save Melony! Eggy! look out for Potatoe!


Eggy: Oh no!

Melony: What is it?

Eggy: Announcer Got the Potato!

OJ: Crap!!! That Means...

Announcer: Yes! I Start New Object Show!~you guys Join?

Eggy,Melony And OJ: uhh...Yeah?


Episode 1 "Potato As a Prize? WTF?"

Announcer: Welcome Back! I bringed 22 Contestants To fight For the Potato!

Pen: Potato as A Prize? WTF?

Dora: *Perfect Spanish*

Announcer: Okay Guys! now Let's Pick Teams!!!!

Baseball: Who is the Captain?

Announcer: Paper and Bomb

Team Explosive Cannons Team Flat
Bomb Paper
Baseball OJ
Eraser Eggy
Pen Melony
Suitcase Needle
Yellow Face Spongy
Tennis Ball Book
Bubble Coiny
Trophy Box
Evil Leafy Test Tube
Dora Gelatin

Eraser: We Got Best Team EVER!!!

Pen: Calm Down! so, What's the Challenge?

Announcer: Balance Cliff

Paper: What is Balance Cliff?

Announcer: like Balance Beam, But With a Cliff!

Gelatin: Ok!

Announcer: 3...2...1... Go!

Needle: *Pushs Dora Off* Who's Next?!

Trophy: YOU! *Pushs Needle Off*

Evil Leafy: *Teleports to Test Tube*

Test Tube: Ahh!! *Jumps Off*

Tennis Ball: Eggy! *Cracks Eggy*

OJ: Hey! That Was Mean! *Pushes Tennis Ball Off*

Gelatin: Enough of This! *Throws Freeze Syringe at Bomb and Baseball*

Bomb And Baseball: Ahh! *Jumps Off*

Suitcase and Trophy: *Gets Freezed*

Yellow Face: I'm Hungry! *Looks at Melony* YUMMY! *Eats Melony* Yum! *Drinks OJ*


Pen: Who's Left?

Eraser: You,Me,Bubble And Evil Leafy!

Evil Leafy: *Scares Everyone From Opossite team*

Team Flat: *Jumps Out the Cliff*

Announcer: And Tea... Wait! From Team Flat Last Contestant Is Standing!

Evil Leafy: *Scares Eraser,Pen and Bubble*

Eraser,Pen And Bubble: Ahh! *Falls Out*

Trophy: Dude! We're On same Team!

Evil Leafy: *Thinks* *In her Mind* Nobody Left! uhh... i think i need to jump Off!

Evil Leafy: *Jumps Out*

Announcer: Team Flat Wins!

Test Tube: Wow! Box is Useful!


Announcer: Welcome! Sorry that i didn't Gave you Break. Okay! Now! I gonna Spin the Whell who is Safe!


Lands On Bomb

  • Spins*

Lands On Evil Leafy

  • Spins*

Lands On Dora

  • Spins*

Lands on Bubble

  • Spins*

Lands on Yellow Face

  • Spins*

Lands On Eraser

  • Spins*

Lands on Baseball

Announcer: Four Left! (Pen,Suitcase,Tennis Ball And  Trophy)

  • Spins*

Lands on Pen

  • Spins*

Lands on Trophy

  • Spins*

Lands On... Suitcase

Tennis Ball: Aww... Bye!

Announcer: Goodbye TB or TBTB For short

Episode 2 "Most Hated?"

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