Follow the 6 rejects of season 1, Bomb, OJ, Pickle, Paper, Salt and Pepper, along with others as they come along. I will update this normally.


Chapter I- Breaking the Ice

The six of them sat in the hotel room, in separate bean bags. The bean bags matched the color of each of them.

"Is there an actual reason we need to watch this?" OJ muttered.

"Why not?" Paper asked. "It can't be that bad... right?"

"Well, let's just start," Pickle said. He grabbed the remote, and turned on the television, and the show began.

"I don't care," OJ replied.

"Why so down OJ?" Salt tried to comfort him.

"I just want to get this over with," OJ growled.

Test Tube: This seems rather peculiar, I've never been on a competition before.

Trophy: Let's just get to the contest so I can cream these chumps and take the million!

"Hello, first boot," Pickle muttered. Paper and OJ started to laugh.

Lightbulb: Wow, why is he saying that? Everyone knows the mean characters get out first!

"Breaking the fourth wall there, buddy," Salt said.

Paintbrush: Mhm, gurl.

"What, so is Paintbrush a-" Paper started, before getting cut off by the TV.

MePhone4: Anyway, nineteen contestants, ONE MILLION dollars, this is Inanimate Insanity II. (Theme song plays)

"And unlike Total Drama, the people who rank high don't make it in to every season," Pickle said.

"Oh come on, we can't have all the screentime!" Paper said.

"I'd like it if I did," OJ mumbled.

"The intro sucks!" Pickle yelled.

"Why?" Pepper asked.

"I'm not in it," Pickle replied slyly.

"Narcissist," Pepper replied.

"Excuse me?" Pickle asked, offended.


The six of them covered their ears.

"I hope she wins!" OJ said.

"Why?" Salt asked.

"So we don't have her in here," OJ replied.

Suitcase: Oooowww! Mic, turn down the volume!

Microphone: Sorry, that happens sometimes.


MePhone4: These are just strands of half-eaten spaghetti!

"What is this guys IQ?" Pickle asked. "Probably seven."

"That's Taco's IQ... or so I think," Paper replied.

"I know, Taco's an idiot!" Pickle replied, smiling.

Toilet: Oh, sorry sir, I didn't get my lunch break!

MePhone: Since when does Adam give us lunch breaks?

Apple: So, I wonder what the new contestants are doing!

"Wait, how does Apple even know those words?" OJ asked, he turned to Pepper, who shrugged.

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