The Shortest Camp Ever, AKA The Two-Episode Camp, is a camp made by Theelementalraccoon for people to 'get an easy camp win'

Here are the contestants, and the order they placed:

0 Votes

  • Foam Finger-mallowout
  • Peanut Butter-PixelatedIndustries
  • Gelatin-joaquint56
  • Chainsaw-Lava Tail
  • Corn Dog-Austin Harris
  • Eraser-misterperfectawesome
  • Book-lorri peterman
  • Ruby-MegaEpicFilmz
  • Price Tag-rj3ful1
  • Chex Mix-KaliniHoudini
  • Rocky-keremburada
  • Housey-ultraboldore72
  • Stopwatch-XclockXanimations

1 Vote

  • Pen-gopokemon121
  • Companion Cube-TWISTEDmetalfan34
  • Hanger-SuperNin10
  • Speech Bubble-kobe56299
  • Sickle-Fobbyiyg
  • Soap-Matej Dolenec
  • OU TV-Objectdude73

2 Votes

  • Can-bowserjr2215
  • Blender-WhaiJay
  • Pickle-SirenRabbid1687
  • Pencil-jay28jay2
  • Sunglasses-BFDI BOYERSFTW
  • Snowball-Rhinobuddroblox
  • Santa Hat-Pokerox27


All of these contestants are strong camp competitors

  • Phone-KirbyRider1337 (His strength really showed in Nazrininator's camp, BFMT. Played as a fan favourite) - 3 votes
  • Chopsticks-thawesomecoolstuff1 (Participates in Camp Debuts) - 3 votes
  • Envelope-Jeelhu77 (Just like Phone, his strength showed in BFMT) - 3 votes
  • Marshmallow-95mikemc1 (Played as a fan favourite)- 3 votes
  • Match-taopwnh6427 (Famous camp creator, and admin of this wiki) - 4 votes - Winner

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