Ultimate objects

Episode 1-Not so happy campers part 1

The host:Welcome 24

All 24:Hello!

The host:So i will reveal the team,Team bfdi,Is Pen,Leafy,Eraser,Blocky,Pencil,Match,Pin,& Tennisball,For team Inanimate insanity,Apple,Baseball,Nickel,Oj,Paintbrush,Marshellow,Salt,& Pepper,And the rest of is team rc,Fries,David,Fanny,Dictoryany,Marker,Robot flower,Tv,& Ruby

Ruby:Are going to our cabins now?

The host:Yeah! So Get some sleep!

At Cabin 1

Match:Wow.This is awsome

Blocky:(Kicks Match)



The host:So much drama started,So What will haoppen next?,& Will Blocky's trust get revenge on match,Find out next time on Ultimate Objects!

Episode 2-Not so happy campers Part 2

The host:Last time,24 things were here to win $1,000,000 dollars,Then Drama started,And that's where you miss on Ultimate objects!,Hello campers,the 1st challenge is to stay on your platom,You each get 8 balls,last 1 standing wins,GO!

Pencil:(Aims at Pepper)


Salt:Oh my god! I'll Win it for you pepper! (Aims at pencil)

Pencil:Oh C'mon that was the best throw ever!

Match:Pencil look out! NOOOOOOOO! (Blocks but her and pencil gets hit)

Leafy:Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Aims at Salt)

Salt:Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!! (Gets hit)


The host:1st place went to Inanimate insanity,for having 3 members left,2nd place went to Team rc for having 2 members,Team bfdi with 0 members you are voting someone off

Pen:I vote Match,To take her away from Pencil

Leafy:I argee Match

Eraser:I'm going to say Match






The host:The following are safe,Pen,Leafy,Blocky,Pencil,Pin,& Tennisball,Match and Eraser,the final person safe is..............................Eraser,Sorry match your are out



The host:Match,Cav of shame is that way bro,Time for you go to home

Match:(Walks off Sad)

Pencil:Leafy!,Why Match?!

Match:Because she is threat.

The host:23 are left now,So will Pencil get revenge on Leafy?,How much we can cure them 1st?,And who be the next to go home,Find out next on Ultiame Objects!

Match's Final Words

Match:Look like they vote off me Instead of Eraser,Eraser was boldy,And he should went ho
Team Islanders After Episode 1 Part 2

Team islanders after Episode 1 Part 2

me tonight,Hey Pilot where are you going

Pilot:Loserville,In Mimani Florida

Match:Really?,Awsome,Bye Pencil win the money for me!

Episode 2-The Test

In log Cabin 1

Pencil:Leafy,Why did you want to take match away from me?

Leafy:Don't know!