Carmex Cute pose

Carmex in her Cute Pose !

Who does Carmex Like

Untitled drawing (4)

Carmex Normal Happy Pose

Carmex is a girl who a made to be like a essence of me she likes everyone who is generally nice,kind,sweet and not mean at all those can be Kite from Object Twoniverce or Bubble form BFDI or Ruby from BFDIa

Who does Carmex Dislike

Carmex will dislike anyone mean hardhearted or just awe full that could be Lip Balm her sister or Flower from BFDI or even Dirt from LOCA just mean

Some of her friends

Megaphone: there great friends but Carmex thinks Megaphone has a loud problem

Magnifine Glass: Carmex likes him but he's always way to depressed

Plug: her and Plug are great friends and all well ya

Minty: She and Minty are just awesome together

Usage of my O.C's

If you would like to use Carmex or any of my characters more Character pages are coming soon comment in the comments section or message me well that's it

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