Yellow Star's personality is pretty weird,she is limbless and likes doing alot of things.She competes in TOPW(The Object Party Wars),ER's'TM'(ElemmentalRaccoon's 'The Mole') and TOM(The Object Madness).

She competed in BFDI(fake) and was eliminated on Ep.20.She also competes in BFDIA(fake,again) and is currently still in.

Her team on BFDI was the Squashy Grapes.

Her current team in BFDIA is W.O.A.H. Bunch.

The Object Party Wars

Y.S is currently still in.Not much is known as the series has only 3 episodes.

The Object Madness

Y.S's personality and friends in this is currently unknown,no episodes were made yet.

Battle For Super Thing

Y.S is revealed to be Starry's bro, he's be recommanded by Satanchu (uh... I'm not sure...) and have a chance to debute in the game!

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